The Breakthrough Programme

Prepare for growth

The Breakthrough Programme

Prepare for growth

Is the Breakthrough Programme for you?

How will you become the leader you need to be in order to grow your business effectively? How  will you gain the skills and knowledge you need? Are you looking for a community of like-minded people to learn with? Would you like to build a valuable network of peers?

This group could be for you. There are no hard and fast rules, but business leaders in this cohort typically employ 1-5 people and turn over less than £0.5M. The business is established (typically 3 years+) and these leaders are ambitious. They want to grow those numbers significantly in the next 3 years. A Breakthrough Board is where they learn, grow and support each other to do exactly that.  

Who would benefit from membership?
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When you are a first-time CEO 

It's exciting and scary - we know. Still you want to:

  • Skill up fast with structured workshops
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Get feedback on your ideas and plans
  • Build a supportive network 
  • Gain confidence fast
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When it's time to grow 
When its time to change gear, you need a new skill set: 

  • You might be a proven expert in your field
  • Growth brings a new set of challenges
  • It's time to growth hack and learn new skills
  • Now you have to become an expert CEO
  • You want to do this right, first time
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When it's time to break the cycle

You've grown your business to a point, but it's fallen back.

  • This time you want to make growth stick 
  • It's time for a breakthrough
  • It's time for a proper plan and 
  • It's time to invest in yourself and your business
  • It's time to take growth seriously

Welcome to the Academy for Creative, Digital & Tech CEOs

When it's time to get serious about growing your business - be that a digital / creative, software or a technology solutions business - you are in the right place.

This is a structured programme of learning where the work isn't theory - these aren't exercises you might use one day -  you'll be putting it all into action immediately. The people you'll be learning with are as focused, passionate and as bright as you are. They are determined to make their businesses successful too.

Because you and your business are not competing with the people in the room, you'll be able to relax. This is a safe place. This is where we can be vulnerable, share our challenges and our failures as well as our successes and our triumphs. This is where it's OK to admit that things aren't always OK. Running a business is about solving problems and meeting challenges and here you'll be supported by people who understand the pressures and the difficulties. 

This will be hard work. It will make you think. You will be challenged. You will be expected to honour your commitments and do your homework. 

The conversations are stimulating, the environment electric and, although this is a serious business, there will also be laughs. Plenty of those.

In 12 months, you and your business will be in a very different place. You will have done the groundwork, built your knowledge, created and communicated the vision and the plan, and adopted systems that can cope with serious growth. You are about to make your business magnetic to customers and talent, and that motivates staff as well. 

And then the next phase begins...

I want to get going!

The Foundations For Growth

The First 12 Months

The first 12 months will make sure you cement the foundations of a great business - one that can grow more easily, with less friction, more fun, and way-less stress.

Building a business that’s magnetic to customers and talent, takes application. This programme will give you the clarity, comprehension and confidence you’re doing it right.

First you’ll embed the basics - such as:

•    Your personal goals and purpose
•    Your business goals and a clear company purpose
•    A motivating mission 
•    Transmitting an inspiring vision 
•    Building a buzzing culture and unbreakable loyalty
•    Timeless values

Then progress to define and implement:

•    A brilliant, motivated – and the right - team
•    World-class staff management processes
•    Clear targets and the ability to monitor them
•    A better sales funnel
•    Targeted customer engagement plans
•    The ability to control issues, curveballs and the stuff that normally throws you off track 
•    Iterative innovation to make the business more compelling

By the end you’ll have a strong understanding of the roles of leadership and management and properly appreciate not only what needs to be done to manage a growing businesses but how to do it.

All the while, you’ll still need to run your business, of course. So, you’ll be sharing and solving the problems you face together – both in implementing these new ideas as well as the day-to-day challenges – to make sure your business stays on track.

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