What is a Leader Group?

7 Things You Need to Know about Leader Groups


  1. A Leader Group is a group of business leaders who meet regularly to work on their business, not in it
  2. Members are hand-picked. They do not compete. This means they can be relaxed, open and vulnerable  
  3. Group members all subscribe to a code of integrity so they can share their business challenges in confidence
  4. Each commits to contributing their experience, contacts, ideas and knowledge 
  5. Members bring their challenges to the group and leave with exciting solutions and opportunities
  6. Members learn through structured programmes, workbook sessions and specialist, guest speakers
  7. Groups are facilitated by experienced digital and technology entrepreneurs 
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  • Each group is comprised of non-competing members - it's like forming a super business.

  • There are huge opportunities to collaborate on deals and make referrals. 

  • Each member benefits from the collective experience, contacts and knowledge of the group. 

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Here to Build Better Businesses

A better business is one that grows faster, with less friction, is more fun and way less stress. This is how we do it:

Weekly group calls (Keep the motivation going between meetings)

Stay plugged in with our Friday afternoon mini-meetings. These accountability sessions ensure you are making progress between meetings and provide an opportunity to check in with your peers. 

Monthly workshops (Inspiring evolution)

Facilitated by experienced business leaders and powered by proven methodology to enable you to:
  • get clarity and alignment
  • build a cohesive strategy
  • solve problems and identify opportunities
  • leave feeling inspired and updated
  • be equipped to make your business better tomorrow than it was yesterday.

Quarterly 1:1 check-ins (All about you and your business)

One of our Directors takes the time to meet with you on a quarterly basis in order to understand your ever-changing personal and business situation, opportunities and challenges. 

Book of the month sessions

Business book reviews  enable us to absorb, share, discuss and implement the learnings from the world's best business books. 

Who is it for?

Leader Groups are designed for ambitious business leaders, hand-picked for their ethos and attitude, who want to grow their businesses through:
  • acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • the sharing of information, knowledge and contacts
  • sharing and resolving problems through the power of the group
  • referrals and collaboration on opportunities
Members join groups of like-minded business leaders at a similar stage in their business development - those dealing with similar problems and challenges. Typically in the digital, software and technical solutions sectors. 


Membership is by invitation only. Any business owner who meets the qualification criteria, regardless of gender, race, age, or sexual orientation, may apply but an application does not guarantee a place in a group. We operate waiting lists to ensure the right group composition.

Qualification Criteria

  • This group is for entrepreneurs with an ambition to build, grow and scale a technology business (usually, but not exclusively, with a view to achieving a sale).
  • Your business is established and trading (usually for a minimum of three years)
  • Your business operates in the digital, software, technology solutions (or related) sectors
  • You commit to a minimum of 12 months of membership, following your FREE taster session(s)
  • You attend a minimum number of meetings – not less than 75% attendance in any 12-month period (i.e., 8 out of every 12 board meetings)

Members are selected who are:

  • Keen to learn from others 
  • Happy to contribute what they have learned
  • Humble – happy to be vulnerable and to admit they don’t have all the answers

Which Board is Right For You?



Build a business that works for you
Be clear on your goals
Build a powerful proposition
Make your staff accountable
Strengthen your business model
Adopt a management system
Stay on track
Typically for businesses with 1-5 people


Breakthrough Programme


Grow people, systems, sales and profits
Build effective teams 
Perfect your sales playbook
Maximise profits
Fine-tune your funnels
Remove your barriers to growth
Make your marketing magnetic
Typically for businesses with 6-25 people


Growth Programme


Grow fast and maximise value
Find funding
Scale sales
Maximise & multiply value
Improve service
Reduce costs
Attract your ideal acquirer
Typically for businesses with 25+ people


Scale Programme
Video Call

How do I apply?

  1. Request a call to tell us about you and your business
  2. We'll set up an initial video call (Teams / Zoom / Meet) at a time to suit us both
  3. One of our Directors will answer your questions and explain the options available
  4. If appropriate, you will be invited to attend a free discovery session

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