Should I join a Leader Group?

7 Challenges Facing Every Tech Business Leader


  1. You're breaking new ground. You've never been here before. This is new. You're winging it (we all are).
  2. It's difficult sometimes. Where do you acquire the skills you need, fast?
  3. It can be lonely.  Who can you talk to about the problems of running a business like yours?
  4. You don't know what you don't know. Where can you turn for advice?
  5. You can live in an echo chamber.  Who will tell you what you don't want to hear?
  6. The only constant is ever-more-rapid technology change. How can you stay up to speed? 
  7. There's no manual for this job. How can you find out what works and what doesn't?
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It's challenging, and it can be a lot of fun, but it's a tough job, there's no user guide, the failure rate is high and the consequences of failure can brutal. 


Discover a new world of support

You're on an adventure

Being a business leader isn’t easy - it's a journey that requires courage, hard work and fast personal growth. Like any adventure, it helps to have a guide and a map. The trouble with the tech sector is that very often we are going into areas where there isn't a map. The territory is uncharted. When adventuring in unchartered territory, it is best to stay in radio contact with others doing the same thing!

Most entrepreneurial business leaders are unqualified. We haven't studied or taken exams before we set out on what will be a thrilling (and dangerous) adventure.  

Most of us don’t have the theoretical knowledge that comes with an MBA. Most of us haven’t been business leaders before. So that means most of us are making the route up as we go along. That means we all have much to learn and it's critical we learn fast because our success (and the livelihoods of our people) depends on us getting this right.

It's dangerous out there 

Creating a successful business is hard – if it was easy, everybody would do it. Business survival rates were already pretty grim before the latest recession was announced. 

According to the UK government, fewer than 40% of UK businesses survive five years. 61% will fail. The UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills recently released shocking figures showing that between 2020 and 2021 the total number of UK businesses decreased by 390,00 (6.5%). That is a lot of entrepreneurs’ dreams shattered and millions of sleepless nights for hardworking people. In short, business is tough and getting tougher. 

So what can we do to ensure our business not only survives but thrives? How do we gain an uncommon advantage? 

Plug into a support network


Being a business leader is very demanding. We can’t always share our challenges with our team, or business partners – especially if they are the challenge! Often, we don’t want to bring our complex problems home or burden our loved ones (or friends) with our issues either.


It’s at times like this that having a network of fellow entrepreneurs – those who understand you, your situation and your business - can be invaluable. The cheerful support of bright, like-minded people, facing similar challenges and surfing the same technology waves, can make a huge difference. There will be somewhere to turn for advice. You will acquire the skills you need. This will, in turn, impact how you perform and how your company performs. 


Living in a bubble suits nobody.  Why be alone if you can work with a board of people as bright and creative as you are? You would never be able to afford to employ the great people in your Tech Board but you can work with all of them for a few pounds a day.


Tech boards are not lead-generation or referral clubs, but this happens naturally. Business leaders always find ways to collaborate, make introductions and create opportunities. It is in their nature. This means it is almost inevitable that the business that will be done during the course of your membership will make the monthly membership fees feel insignificant.

There are many benefits to being a member of a Tech Board:
Business Support Team

Growth Leader Benefits


  • This is CEO School for the Digital, Technology and Creative sector - learn the skills you need to succeed
  • Pick up shortcuts, hacks and lessons learned from your peers and facilitators
  • Enjoy the company, companionship and wisdom of other bright people on the same journey
  • Pool contacts, knowledge and experience 
  • Stay abreast of key technical developments 
  • Share experiences with tools, apps and suppliers 
  • Bring problems to the group and leave with exciting solutions
  • Share what works (and what doesn't) in all areas of business and growth
  • Learn from experts and selected speakers
  • Your peers will hold you accountable - we're here to make growth happen together