Business Keeping You Awake at Night?

Running a business can be tough. That's why we support business leaders in these sectors...

Digital & Creative
Digital Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Design &  Web
AR, 3D & VFX
Screen-based creative

B2B Business Apps
Software Developers
Low Code / No Code

Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous tech
Tech Solutions

Internet of Things


... through the ups and downs, so they can sleep more soundly.

Our peer groups help leaders like you build value, reduce stress and inject fun into their business.


Is this for you?

You are an entrepreneurial business leader in the technology or creative sector. It can be thrilling. When it's going well, running a growing business like yours is the best job on earth. 
But it’s a roller-coaster. The good times are great, but the hard times can be brutal. There will be times when it is desperately lonely, sleep is impossible, and the burden seems intolerable.
The challenges of growing a business can be complex and multi-dimensional. So who can you talk to?  Where can you turn for great ideas, cheerful encouragement, understanding, support, perspective and guidance?
The Growth Leader Programmes are built to help business leaders like you meet the challenges of growth, at each stage of business development. It's where you meet and work regularly with a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial adventurers to go on the journey together.
It's a time to work on the business, not in the business. It's a time for inspiration, personal learning and growth. It's about helping others as well as receiving help and support.
Only people willing to share and solve problems together, without ego or hidden agenda, qualify.
There's no end of sources explaining what a leader should do. Our commitment is to make sure you know how to do it.

Which Programme Would Be Right For You?

We run three programmes, all surrounded by a broader ecosystem of alumni activities.
Each programme reflects a company’s specific stage of growth.

There are three levels:



Build a business that works for you
Be clear on your goals
Build a powerful proposition
Make your staff accountable
Strengthen your business model
Adopt a management system
Stay on track
Typically for businesses with 1-3 people



Breakthrough Programme


Grow people, systems, sales and profits
Build effective teams 
Perfect your sales playbook
Maximise profits
Fine-tune your funnels
Remove your barriers to growth
Make your marketing magnetic
Typically for businesses with 3-20 people



Growth Programme


Grow fast and maximise value
Find funding
Scale sales
Maximise & multiply value
Improve service
Reduce costs
Attract your ideal acquirer
Typically for businesses with 21+ people



Scale Programme

Advice and Accountability

Our approach uses expert advice, workshops, instructions and homework - so you can apply new knowledge between sessions. Frequently, we’ll exploit the power of peer groups - where you learn from the experience and expertise of other leaders.
Vitally, we will also hold you accountable! Every month you’ll be expected to update the group on progress.

The Growth Leader Commitment

The non-negotiable, timeless principles of membership.

Signing up for Growth Leaders requires a leap of faith! We’re going to ask you to be open, receptive, and willing to share – but we won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. 


To guarantee a safe and positive environment for our members, we all commit to these values:

•    Humility and respect – None of us is always right, everybody has a valid perspective
•    Courageous honesty – Say it, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable (but with respect)
•    Collaborate and contribute – We learn more together than individually
•    Commitment – If you say you'll do it, you do it
•    Integrity before profit – always – We do the right thing, even if no one’s watching (and it hurts)
•    Decency – just be nice.

Confidentiality, Openness and Honesty

Because we bring our problems, challenges, and issues to the group in a spirit of openness and honesty, we insist on absolute confidentiality. What is discussed in a Leader Group stays within the group. No exceptions. Ever.


We collaborate to solve the problems of building, growing, scaling (and perhaps ultimately, selling) a business. We commit to contribute generously to help our fellow members and as such we share our:

  • plans and ideas
  • challenges and problems
  • experiences, successes and failures
  • resources and tools
  • contacts and connections


Participating in a Leader Group requires openness, honesty and vulnerability. This is not a place for arrogance and ego.  We actively discourage the participation of egotists, the self-obsessed and know-it-alls.  It is a place for the courageous sharing of problems and hard lessons learned.