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The 7 Habits Book

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Apr 2023

For me, Stephen R Covey's book remains the single, stand-out personal development book in my collection.

The timeless self-help classic that offers valuable insights and guidance for anyone seeking to improve their personal and professional lives. Covey's seven habits provide a framework for success that is grounded in timeless principles of personal responsibility, integrity, and collaboration. 

Bridge 500 x 350

The Four Bridges to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Apr 2023

Those launching their own business take huge risks in pursuit of their dreams of freedom. This courage and spirit of adventure is what makes entrepreneurs the most interesting of all people I meet.

This dangerous path means that entrepreneurs choose menas that depending on which freedoms they seek, will have to cross as many as four bridges to achieve the freedom they seek. 

Freedom 500 x 350

The Entrepreneurial Pursuit of Freedom

Apr 2023

Entrepreneurs get off the (relatively) cosy highway most choose to travel through life and instead, choose the more dangerous road less-travelled. Why?

I have found that entrepreneurs are typically embarked on a couragous pursuit of freedom - a freedom that may come in one of comes in several guises...