Discovery Session - November

8th Nov 2023 09:30 - 12:30

Why Should I Attend?

The purpose of this session is for you to work out what position your business is in right now.

Together, we will work through a thought-provoking session - sharing our experiences and challenges as we go. We will complete a workbook to reflect and gain clarity on how well the business is performing against 'best practice' in 8 key strategic business areas, each of which need to be in a strong position to support a thriving business. 

The session will provide you with a situational report (sit-rep) of where you business stands right now. It's invaluable in its own right, as a standalone session; however, the results will also help show you if the Growth Leaders programme is appropriate for you and your businesses at this stage in your journey.

We'll discuss key business issues around business growth - the challenges ahead, the lessons we can learn and how we can prepare to meet those challenges. The aim is to support your development of a business that can grow more easily - by having very clear personal and business goals  and a robust understanding of the steps required to support growth. This results in reducing friction - enabling you to enjoy it more and suffer way less stress.

What is the Event Format?

You will be one of up to 12 business leaders who will meet at The Chocolate Box in Bournemouth. In this session, we will be sharing our personal and business goals and evaluating the growth-readiness of our organisations against 10 specific criteria. You can join us any time from 08:45 for pastries, coffee and networking, but the session will start promptly at 09:30 with a 15-minute coffee break around 11:00 and finishing at 12:30.

Anthony Story will lead you through the session in which both he and Paul Tansey will openly share some of the often harsh (and sometimes brutal) lessons learned on their business journies.